Smart Contract R&D

By leveraging the autonomous nature of an application we can change the way of day-to-day business.

Creating a future through innovation in smart contract development

From a basic token creation contract to enterprise-level solutions, we revolutionize the decentralized world by searching the possibilities and innovation in every aspect of smart contract development. We aim to leverage the efficiency of various data structures and algorithms, paving the way for entirely new economic systems that are more scalable, open, and secure.

Reinventing the future of Decentralization

We are passionate about leveraging blockchain technology to solve the unsolved challenges faced by the world of decentralized finance today. Our research is fundamental, aimed at developing and evaluating new generic concepts like smart contracts powered IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) and application-driven, motivated by important application areas, such as transaction processing, efficient on-chain data management, and much more. Much of it is experimental, validating the proposed new concepts through implementation and deployment in prototypes used in the real world.

We incorporate innovation through Decentralized solutions for the real world problems

Our research topics are highly focused on trending problems in the decentralized world for years, such as on-chain balance management, efficient implementation of data structures, etc. We aim to improve the existing decentralized systems, not disrupt them so that their potential increases multiple times.

We are transparent as all of our works are entirely open-source. We openly share all our findings, all our work is shared with the open source community. We invite all the developers and researchers to contribute with us.

Main Objectives

All our research will have some common goals as a priority. We will strive towards achieving the following objectives,


The system backed by the smart contract should be robust enough against different kinds of failures and edge cases. No matter what the situation is, the smart contract should be able to handle it.


We try to increase adaptability by increasing the simplicity of the smart contract development process by following the KISS principle ("keep it simple, stupid"). By following straightforward implementation, we aim at reducing the likelihood of defects in the final system. We try to quickly meet growing market demand while supporting continual future improvement.

Reducing transaction fees

Every operation done on-chain incurs a gas fee and keeps on increasing not only due to a spike in the network but also due to some improper/buggy implementation of the code. We thus aim to minimize transaction fees, at the same time performing most of the computations on-chain.


In today’s complex capital and derivatives markets, privacy is both a given and a legal requirement of most contracts. Meaningful confidentiality in on-chain financial instruments must extend to smart contracts as well. Hence, we strive to protect the confidential information stored on smart contracts by discovering various possibilities through our research.

Let's innovate together!

We are constantly looking for new talents to join our research and development teams. If you have what it takes to join our team, write to us.