Market Making

Now it's time to make your exchange liquid & healthy.


Attain numerous benefits from Nodeberry's Market Making

We can support both established and new crypto exchanges to help them achieve higher trading volume, lower probability of price manipulation, and higher interest in the crypto exchange. Decentralized Finance Development is the most significant disruptor in the present monetary framework. It improves access for everybody to substantial capacities, for example, borrowing, lending, trading, investment, and risk management. It would serve a vast number of unbanked individuals. We have a significant effect on your business by quickening development at a moderate expense.

Higher liquidity with higher trading volume

By having enough liquidity available in the token, investors and founders can invest or liquidate their positions more quickly. Higher liquidity potentially attracts more interest.

Prevent and control the extent of price manipulation

Higher liquidity makes it more difficult to manipulate a token price since more capital is needed to move prices. Usually, liquidity attracts more liquidity.

Easier listing on major crypto exchanges for your tokens

More reputable crypto exchanges are more likely to list a token on their platform, knowing that a market maker is committed to providing liquidity 24/7.

Make markets for your token or exchange with us