Asset Management

Digitizing, managing, and expanding your assets, we have it all covered.


Monetize your assets to meet the issuer requirements and investor specifications

Asset tokenization can be applied to both traditional securities and new financial instruments, expanding types of assets under management. Assets can be modified to attain specific investor attraction, and slow settling financial products can be restructured to better adapt to changing demand. Nodeberry simplifies access to alternative financing models by facilitating direct interaction between multiple participants in the financing value chain. We allow transparency in the financing and loan syndication process with secure permissioned sharing of data and documents.


Loan & Mortgage Securitization

Our Solutions offer financial institutions a single version of verified information, secure data sharing, immutable transaction monitoring, and real-time payment settlement. We convert a loan into digital security programmed to include relevant data such as ownership rights and loan payment history to support asset servicing decisions. We utilize smart contracts to collect and distribute payments to beneficiary holders and deliver real-time reporting to regulators, which makes lifecycle management of the loan or mortgage much more efficient. In addition, accurate proof of asset performance generates confidence in secondary markets.