Real Estate

From issuing regulated digital securities to asset tokenization, we're here to help.



Take your real estate assets to the blockchain.

Blockchain can help you create world-class real estate financial instruments that make your real estate operations streamlined. We do asset tokenization, mortgage & debt tokenization, asset-backed stablecoin launching & more. You can also issue your digital securities that leading regulators regulate across the globe.

Alternative Financing

Nodeberry simplifies access to alternative financing models by facilitating direct interaction between multiple participants in the financing value chain.

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Mortgage Securitization

Our Solutions offer financial institutions a single version of verified information, secure data sharing, immutable transaction monitoring, and real-time payment settlement.

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Asset Tokenization

As Nodeberry is a pioneer in asset-backed digital securities, we are also an expert in the stabilization & liquidation of real estate in the form of stablecoins.

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Looking for ways to incorporate blockchain into you're real estate ?