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We bring you powerful innovation & advantage to navigate your business in the modern web 3.0

Decentralized Finance

Develop your disruptive financial products with the ease of blockchain. With De-Fi, you can launch your liquidity pools to exploit the flash loans for arbitrage.

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Cryptocurrency Trading

From creating liquidity for your assets across exchanges to launching your dedicated exchange, we're your partner. Our tailor-made solutions can make complex trading engines.

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Stablecoins & Asset Management

Create, issue, and manage digital assets and instruments without hassles. We provide regulatory compliance and end-to-end service for your needs.

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Trusted By

We are trusted by hundreds of customers ranging from tech-startups to Federal agencies from all around the world. Following are a few of our notable clients and partners who had put faith in our development expertise.

NF Labs


We revolutionize the way your business operates

With all the necessary expertise in place, Nodeberry offers valuable resources for your business in terms of efficient financial decentralization & data authenticity. Our carter-made solutions are hosted across various blockchains across the globe. You can take your entire business database to blockchain and open up a new horizon for your customers. Our approach is more customer-centric; we put our customers in front of the ready-made software. We develop custom software & applications for all our clients based on their exclusive needs.

Our vision


Democratizing the data path

Our vision is to create a democratic data flow of data across the centralized database infrastructure. Nodeberry is developing a people-owned database and achieving more economy in the current database system using blockchain and its decentralization. We're also working on the traditional & modern architectures through blockchain for sustainable & robust systems. Increasing efficiency is more important than deploying massive data centers to make businesses more profitable & successful.